To a cowboy, the brand actually has little do with marketing. It’s used to stop cattle rustler’s from stealing and selling the rancher’s cattle. Even modern day cattle rustlers find it difficult to sell a cow with a well-known brand.
The bridge A brand started about 50 years ago by the late Everett Ayres. The bridge comes from the 71st Street bridge in Viola, KS, and the “A” is for Ayres. Everett’s cattle had the brand on the right hip. His son kept the brand on the left hip, and now with the 3rd generation of ranchers’, the brand is back on the right hip.
While branding today in corporate America is about getting advertisements to the masses, this brand is about pride. We don’t have thousands of head of cattle running through farm factories. Currently 125 head carry this brand and it’s our hope you will enjoy the fruits of our labor through some of the best beef available in the Wheat State.
Enjoy it knowing that extra effort was made through selective breeding and generations of knowledge pass through to bring you the finest available beef.